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Highly Ethical Security

The term "ethical" has unfortunately become a varied and flexibly used descriptor in the Security Industry. Comp.romiser LLC aims to deliver Application, Network, and SCADA/ICS security services with a level of integrity that God would be pleased with.


SCADA & Device Security

LonTalk and Modbus and Zigbee, Oh My!

Whether you're about to deploy a large-scale water treatment system, or need some assurance that your custom power station device is compliant, our team has the tools, experience, and proven ability to ensure you're secure.


Application & Network Security

From REST to TCP and back.

If you need to test a public website before a big launch or new API roll-out, or you're looking to harden an internal app that processes sensitive data, we have the skills and experience to help you secure it right and quickly.


Consultation & Advisement

Threat Modeling, Architecture, and More.

From initial Risk Assessment and Threat Model, through final Architectural Review, Design, or Audit; comp.romiser LLC will support you every step of the way.


What We Do

We apply our years of experience across Application, Network, and Control System Security to help your business prosper.

service 1

Application & Network Security

We help you Assess, Test, and Design secure Network, Web, Mobile, and Embedded Systems and Applications.

service 2

SCADA & Device Security

Our team has helped secure large and small facilities, municipalities, and devices across the globe; let us help you.

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Consultation & Advisement

With over 50 years of combined Enterprise Security experience, we can help you Plan, Manage, and Document your projects.

Who We Are

Meet The Gibborim



The DNPaladin

"Blue Skies To You"

  • 15 years experience
  • Embedded Devices
  • NetMon/IDS/IPS and Traffic Correlation
  • Red Teaming
  • Reversing
  • Web Applications



The ECMASter

"The race is to the swift;
The battle to the strong."

  • 16 years experience
  • Client/Server Applications
  • Research & Development
  • System Architecture
  • Technical to Laity Translations
  • Web/API Applications




"The loser is usually the one
who is ready to lose."

  • 25 years experience
  • Embedded Devices
  • Engineering
  • Real-Time OS
  • Signal Processing
  • System Design

About Us

With over 50 years of combined high-tech, large-scale, enterprise, government, and research experience, our team has worked with a near infinite range of technologies. We have been the key technical security leaders at Fortune 50 companies, directing and ensuring the security of Devices, Applications, and Networks within the Artificial Intelligence, Coal/Nuclear/Oil/Solar/Wind, Education, Electrical Vehicle, Entertainment, Finance, Healthcare, High-Performance Computing, Marketing, Medical, Rail Transportation, and Robotics industries.


  • Application & Network Security

  • SCADA & Device Security

  • Consultation & Advisement

  • Tolerance For Mediocrity

We're Available

We currently have ~20hrs a week available for contract opportunities. If you have Devices, Systems, Applications, Networks, or Projects that need serious security, don't hesitate to contact us.

"Security is not the absence of danger,
but the presence of God,
no matter what the danger."

How We Help

We aim to provide our clients with the best overall security consultation experience

comp.romiser LLC has assisted IOActive on a subcontractor basis, providing static code analysis, consultation, and penetration testing services.

client 1 IOActive Consultation Client

comp.romiser LLC has assisted Threatcare on a subcontractor basis, providing vulnerability assessments, penetration testing, sales engineering, and strategic & tactical advisement.

client 1 Threatcare Consultation and Application Security Client

WINK approached comp.romiser LLC after having suffered some public embarrassment at DEFCON22. We helped them identify and remediate a wide variety of security issues, as well as prepare them for a 'bug bounty' via Bugcrowd. Due to our combined efforts, they came out paying minuscule bounties.

client 1 WINK Embedded/Device Security Client

comp.romiser LLC has assisted VerSprite on a subcontractor basis, providing consultation services.

VerSprite VerSprite Consultation Client

"There is no substitute for due diligence"

Our Clients

Contact Us

We love conversation as much as we love security, so give us a call.

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