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Highly Ethical Security

The term "ethical" has unfortunately become a varied and flexibly used descriptor in the Security Industry. Comp.romiser LLC aims to deliver Application, Network, and SCADA/ICS security services with a level of integrity our mothers would be proud of.


SCADA and ICS Security

LonTalk and Modbus and Zigbee, Oh My!

Whether you're about to deploy a large-scale water treatment system, or need some assurance that your custom power station device is compliant, our team has the tools, experience, and proven ability to ensure you're secure.


Application & Network Security

From REST to TCP and back

If you need to test a public website before a big launch or new API rollout, or you're looking to harden an internal app that processes sensitive data, we have the skills and experience to help you secure it right and quickly.


What We Do?

We apply our years of experience across Application, Network and Control System Security to help you stay secure.

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Application & Network Security

We help you Assess, Test, and Design secure Network, Web, Mobile, and Embedded Systems and Applications.

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Our team has helped secure large and small facilities, municipalities, and devices across the globe; let us help you.

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Security Consultation

With over 50 years of combined Enterprise Security experience, we can help you Plan, Manage, and Document your projects.

"Security is not the absence of danger,
but the presence of God, no matter what the danger."

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We love conversation as much as we love security, so give us a call.

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